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Linear Unit (single axis)

  • A Linear Unit is used to move workpieces, tools or a robot along a line in order to execute screwing, drilling or joining applications as part of a process automation solution. Motors can be connected with carefully configured drive components.

2D gantry

  • 2D gantries are ideal for automation tasks in which a tool uses the item Automation System to help it travel to various points in a single plane. These two-axis solutions are used to print or inspect surfaces, among other things.

3D gantry

  • 3D gantries carry out demanding positioning tasks in three dimensions. They are used to pick up, move and set down workpieces for stacking, sorting and machining operations. When designing pick-and-place systems, the grippers and tools for the task can be fitted to the item carriages and support profiles.

Cantilever axis

  • Cantilever axes use the support profile of the Linear Unit to exert force on a workpiece or accurately position a tool. They are well suited for numerous production and logistics applications and material and load tests.

XY table handling

  • Grippers, suction cups, lasers and scanners are used in XY tables for machining, sorting, positioning and inspecting workpieces. 2D linear gantries of this kind are perfect for dynamic pick-and-place tasks.

Products and components

The item Automation System provides a versatile basis for automating processes, offering outstanding precision, quality and delivery availability to achieve optimum automation.




Ready-to-install Linear Units

Installation-ready Linear Units from item: preconfigured linear technology that has been optimised for speed, payload, precision and stroke length.

item linear motion units®

Automation perfectly coordinated. item linear motion units® offer a straightforward and fast solution for obtaining a ready-to-use turnkey system for automating processes.


item MotionDesigner®

Process automation made easy

Free-to-use item MotionDesigner® software quickly guides you to the right combination of components for your linear technology.


item MotionDesigner®
Services and expert know-how

Services and expert know-how

This is linear technology

To provide the best possible assistance for your automation projects, we offer practical assembly aids, portfolio overviews and linear technology expertise packaged in a compact format.


The item Automation System – for all your needs.

This is what drives us

Planning automated solutions is notoriously complicated. Designing appropriate systems and putting them into operation requires expertise, experience and a whole lot of time. Our vision is to ensure everyone can harness the benefits of process automation, no matter how simple or complex the requirements are. We work towards this goal day in, day out, covering everything from straightforward selection processes to flexible configuration options.


The item Automation System – for all your needs.

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