The right drive for your conveyor belt

The right drive for your conveyor belt

To achieve the optimum belt speed, the item Conveyor Belt System features two Motor and Gearbox combinations with a variety of gear ratios. Motor AC D16 has a high efficiency rating of IE3 and an integrated Spiroplan® gearbox. When using Motor AC D11 from item, however, the electric Motor and Bevel Gearbox are separate units in the conveyor belt drive system. This makes it easier to convert a conveyor line for different speeds.


Plug-and-play Motor Fastening Sets

The ingenious Motor Fastening Sets allow users to fit the conveyor belt drive on the right or left of the conveyor belt. Position and alignment can also be retrospectively changed in just a few steps. The item Conveyor Belt System ensures you are always flexible.


Plug-and-play Motor Fastening Sets
Safe synchronisation for parallel belts

Safe synchronisation for parallel belts

The modular design of the system ensures users can drive several conveyor belts in sync using just one Motor. The Synchronising Set for the conveyor belt drive supports custom spacings and uses an expanding hub coupling to compensate for slight misalignments. The rotating shaft can be safely covered over to protect staff.



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