Does your company meet the requirements for using Karakuri/LCA?

Karakuri is a Japanese term associated with lean production and refers to automation systems based solely on mechanical principles. On its new landing page, item explains the concept of Karakuri/LCA and sets out its benefits using...

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Efficient solution for vertical applications – new Linear Unit GSF 6 60 from item

Translational movement of loads – many transport tasks in automated processes are carried out with the assistance of linear technology. One common application is the lifting of loads. New Linear Unit GSF 6 60 TR 12x3 is particularly...

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Making it even easier to complete engineering tasks

Place parts, add products and make changes with lightning speed – the new functions in the item Engineeringtool help design engineers work even more efficiently. One of the latest additions to the online tool is placement preview,...

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Mechanically adjust the height of work benches

No electricity, just a crank – the item Work Bench System has been expanded to include new Table Column Sets that operate on a purely mechanical basis. By combining them with a table top of your choice, you can create work benches...

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Ensuring stairways and platforms don’t become trip hazards

Occupational accidents in industrial environments often involve stairways, with employees at risk of stumbling, slipping or even falling. To avoid mishaps like these, stairways must be designed with safety in mind. This requires...

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How cobots can be successfully implemented

Collaborative robots can be used in a variety of ways to assist humans and ease their workload. One example of a successful cobot project for industrial assembly processes is “Cobra20”. This collaborative robot in the warehouse and...

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