A few minutes is all it takes to design a new assembly work bench with the configurator

Even more functions added to the item online tools

More freedom and flexibility for planning and an interactive 3D work area – item has overhauled its Work Bench Configurator. The new online tool makes the job of creating custom work benches faster and more efficient than ever before. Custom dimensions can now be selected, as well as standard sizes. Work benches can be configured with a whole range of accessories. Even new components from the item ergologistic® product range are included in the portfolio. This means that the handover from intralogistics to further manual processing at the work bench can be executed with optimum ergonomics. Moreover, industrial work benches can also be designed with ESD safety built in. Thanks to the 3D view, users can look at their configured projects from all sides and check them directly.

Fast and simple. The new item Work Bench Configurator can be used to configure work benches in even more variants with ease. Besides the standard sizes, there is now also the option of selecting custom dimensions. The online tool guides users step by step to the final product, making the whole process of configuring bespoke work benches simpler and more efficient. Users select the table frame, table top and table upright and overhang one after the other. Accessories such as hooks, holders, notice boards and parts containers can be attached to the table frame at any height. By choosing trays, picking solutions and other components from the ergologistic® range, users can create dependable and ergonomic material supply configurations that make processes more efficient and boost productivity in manual production. 

ESD safe and with a 3D view – new functions make the job of configuration even easier

The new item Work Bench Configurator gives users the option of configuring ESD-safe work benches. When this option is selected, the system visualises the electrostatic protected area and warns the user if articles are placed within it that are not ESD safe. There are flexible options for defining the electrostatic protected area and users can precisely specify which area of the work bench needs to be ESD safe. Another new function is the 3D view. This gives users the chance to look at their construction from a range of different views and change their perspective at any time. The end result is optimum oversight over the configuration process. The software provides comprehensive project documentation, including the parts list, numerous views and depictions, and the assembly guide. Any CAD data that might be needed can also be called up directly and the ESD details for the configuration can be included in the documentation if required. Finally, all the components can be ordered easily and conveniently via the Online Shop. The configured work bench system will then be dispatched within just a few working days.

Length: 2,950

Date: 16 June 2021

Photos: 2 (source: item)

Caption 1: The new item Work Bench Configurator can be used to configure work benches in even more variants with ease. Products from the ergologistic® portfolio can also be integrated.

Caption 2: There are flexible options for defining the electrostatic protected area. The configurator warns users as soon as articles that are not ESD safe are placed within the electrostatic protected area.

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